Bearded Dragon Care


We recommend no small then a 20gallon long for small/juveniles and 40gallon or larger for adults. 

A heat side is need with temperatures of 80-90 and a cool side with temperatures of 75-80.

Desert UVB rated bulbs or lights paired with a heat bulb. Depending on the size of the terrarium will determine the strength of the basking bulb. Also, keep in mind the ambient temperature.

Night bulbs are optional, we don't use them since the ambient temperature stays at 80 during the night. We do recommend ceramic bulbs if a heat is needed at night.

We do not recommend heat mats, heat rocks or heat tape. They can too hot and cause the bearded dragon to burn.

Desert carpet or tile/vinyl is recommended. Avoiding anything that the beard dragon can eat by accident.

Water dish is optional not necessary since bearded dragons drink moving water. We place our dragons in a tub every 2-3 days in luke warm water up to half their body. We then spray them; this allows them to see water move and drink. We use a very soft brush/toothbrush and gently clean them down.

Humidity is not required for the bearded dragons since they are native in Australia.


Our baby bearded dragons are currently eating small crickets and small Dubia. All their bugs are dusted with calcium 1- 2 a week. Determine the size of bugs they can eat by the gap between their eyes. We also offer veggies and fruits. We alternate 1 day protein then next day fruits/veggies.

We sell all types of insects suitable for your bearded dragon.

*These our care instructions that we follow, please continue to do your own research and follow a method that suites your bearded dragon needs*