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Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

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*Preferred gender of a bearded dragon is not guaranteed. These are an assortment of normal bearded dragons. We will choose your perfect bearded dragon and ship it to you. Upon request we will provide a picture of the bearded dragon on prior to shipping. We do not send pictures of individual dragons for choosing. All bearded dragons will be chosen at random*


Orders will be canceled if next day air is not selected
Normal Bearded Dragon Babies - 12-14 weeks of age

Bearded dragons grow between 13 to 24 inches long, including the tail. They are appropriately named bearded dragons because of their "beard," an expandable throat pouch with spikey scales. They have a broad, triangular head, round bodies, stout legs, and robust tails.


As omnivores, bearded dragons eat a variety of insects, flowers, fruit, veggies, and the occasional rodent or lizard.

Baby bearded dragons are currently eating small crickets, small dubia, fruits and veggies.



Check our care sheet for habitat setup, we also recommend doing your research and getting other opinions. 


We update weekly, if item is out of stock feel free to contact us

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