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The Reptile Bar

Amazon Milk Frogs

Amazon Milk Frogs

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*The frogs will ship within 24hrs unless otherwise noted in the comments when the order is placed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions*

*Make sure to choose UPS Next Day Air for Live animals!! Your order will be canceled*

Housing: Glass Terrarium 10 gallon to start off with. Then tall terrarium is recommended.

Heating: 80-85,

UVB: 5.0 UVB Tropical or UVB 100 Tropical

Humidity: 70-75%

Decoration: moist paper toil, sphagnum moss or substrate that keeps in humidity. Perching areas, along with hiding areas. Cork bark or fake leaves. Water bowl is a must.

Diet: Crickets, Dubia, wax worms, horn worms, mealworms.

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